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Poker Blinds

Dealer Button - The dealer button moves from one player to the other at the start of each hand and spots the recent dealer position. The player found at this position is regarded the dealer. On completion of each hand, the dealer button moves to the next player towards the left.

Blinds - In Texas Hold'em, ante are not placed, thus the two players seated to the left of the dealer have got to post blind bets. A blind is a compulsory bet before the initial cards are dealt and is placed by the players to the immediate left of the dealer button. Blinds are used to introduce cash inside the pot. Each player plays the blinds in turns and no one is really left out.

Small Blind - In Texas Hold'em, the small blind equals one half the minimum bet rounded off to the nearest dollar. For instance, in a $5/$10 game, small blind = $2.00.

Big Blind –Similarly in Hol’dem, the big blind is a bet equivalent to the minimum bet. (i.e. $5/$10 game, big blind = $5.00)

When you play at an active table you are supposed to place the equivalent of the big blind. You can make this by waiting till you are in a position to place it. Alternately, you could place it out of position. If you choose to post out of the big blind position, you must also post the blind whenever you are in a position if you like to stay in the game.

Whenever you miss the regular rotation of posting the blinds, you shall be required to place the big blind in order to re-enter the game. If you were to sit out and let pass three big blinds, you would then be removed from the table, giving up your seat.

The Button moves from player to player at the beginning of each hand and identifies the current dealer position. The player at this location is considered to be the dealer. After each hand is completed the dealer button is moved to the next player to the left.

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