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Poker Betting

Betting is begins when two cards (‘pocket cards’) are dealt face down to each participant. The next three cards, better known as flop cards are then dealt. Then there is a round of bets. The turn card or the fourth card is dealt and another round of betting follows. Then 5th and final, the river card, is dealt, after which the betting starts again. After all bets are over, the showdown is held amongst the remaining players. From the showdown, the final winner is declared. Let us take an example below:

Imagine a scenario when there are no 'bets' aimed at you. Now you can either bet or check.

Bet: You can put a bet on the poker table. After this, all other players must 'call' your bet by putting the same amount of money in the pot. In case they do not, they must 'fold'.

Check: You have the alternative not to place any money into the pot. Further, if no one else bets, then the game would go on and everyone who did not 'fold' still remains in the hand. Yet, if someone else chooses to bet, then you have another option to make.

Next, consider a situation when there is a bet aimed at you. You can go forward and ‘fold, 'call', or check'.

Fold: You avoid placing any more money in the pot. Nevertheless, you are now fully out of this hand and also you cannot win any money. Besides, any money that you have already put into the pot up to this point is forever lost.

Call: You can put money into the pot which is equal to the amount that has been 'bet' to this point. However, you would continue to stay in the hand. Play will go on and the next card will be dealt till such time when no one else raises. Whenever there are no more cards, it leads to a showdown.

Raise: You put money into the pot which is equal to the amount that has been 'bet' until now, and you 'bet' more money. At this moment, all the other players can either 'call' your 'raise' or 'fold'. They can, on the other hand, re-raise' you.

At the easiest level, the decision to call on an opponent's bet should be made according to your expectations to make money by calling in certain situations in the long run. Never forget that anything can happen in a single deal. The real question is whether it would be more lucrative to call every time or fold every time if the same situation arose a thousand times.

Here are a some basic tenets that you need to remember while playing:
Use deception while playing. Slow playing very good hands is common and can be expected from many players.
Avoid betting the same way with the same kind of hand.
If you think you have the opponent, go on and beat now but the opponent can still outdraw you, make it as expensive as possible for the opponent to stay in.

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