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Poker Hands

FreeRoll Poker provides the detailed and every possible combination of all the combinations of cards or Poker Hands. The Poker Hands of reflect all the combination of cards in the Texas Holdem. The following are all the possible combination of Poker hands that you can come across in the Texas Holdem. Every efficient and best Texas Holdem poker player must be able to recognize or differentiate the different Poker Hands available. The correct identification of the Poker Hands will enable you to have an edge over others and win lot of cash.

Royal Flush
It consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 all of the same suit and is the highest poker hand.

Straight Flush Poker Hand
The strongest possible natural Texas Holdem Poker hand. This poker hand contains five cards in order and all of them are of the same suit. The Ace in this poker hand can be used as low and high card.

Four of a Kind Poker Hand
This poker hand card combination is of four cards, which are of the same rank. If in case two or more hands that qualify, the hand with the higher ranking four of a kind will win in this Poker Hand.

Full House Poker Hand
This Poker hand contains cards of a kind and a pair. This Poker Hand functions like if the First three of a kind broke ties and then the pair brokes it.

Flush Poker Hand
This Poker hand contains all of the cards that are of the same suit.

Straight Poker Hand
In Straight there are five cards in order. An ace may accept a value of high or low card.

Three of a Kind Poker Hand
In this Poker hand three cards are of the same rank, and the other two cards are not a pair. Also in this poker hand the hand that contains the highest three of the other poker hands wins. When both three of a kind hands are the same class, then they compare high cards.

Two Pair Poker Hand
This poker hand has a combination of two distinct pairs of cards and a fifth card. Such poker hand has the highest pair that wins the pot. It is when both hands have the same high pair in this Poker Hand the second pair should be compared and the higher wins. If in the poker hand both the hands have the same pairs then the remaining high card determines the winner.

One Pair
This poker hand consists of one pair with three distinct cards.

High Card Poker Hand
If you have cards that do not match to any of the hands that are listed above, then you have High Card poker hand. This poker hand is the lowest card combination that can be dealt in Texas Holdem.

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